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Greenwich Emergency Medical Service, Inc.
Capital Budget - Fiscal Year Ending April 30, 2012

One Ambulance- Life Line 2010 model F550, replacing 2003 ambulance (Note A)
    Ambulance Cost Net of $24,000 in anticipated trade-ins of TWO ambulances.
    In future, only one ambulance would be potentially available for trade-in.

One 2011 Ford Expedition with modifications to replace 2004 Expedition (fly car)
    Explorer Cost Net of $14,000 in anticipated trade-in

Training, Education & Safety
AED Trainers
Personal Protective Turnout Gear (Helmets, Turnout coats, Bunker pants)   $5,000
Advanced Airway manikins   $1,750
CPR Manikins $4,600
Medical and Clinical Equipment
LifePak 15 monitor/defibrillators (4) (lease purchase, no interest over five years) (Note B)
LifePak 12 battery enhancement   $4,900
AutoPulse batteries   $2,300
Power lift ambulance cots, new technology to prevent crew injuries (3 unites) (Note C)   $11,700
Operations/Radio/Special Ops Equipment
Operations PA and radio communications system   2,400
1 New Dual Head Motorola CMED Radio; including installation   3,425
Technology Refresh Project   $30,000
IT Infrastructure and Backup Disaster Recovery Planning Project   $32,000
Redundant Exchange 2010 and SQL 2008 Servers   $25,000
Network Server and Devices Monitoring   $7,500
HP Ultrim Tape Drive and Backup Agent Options   $6,000
Computers and Printers, Normal replacements $8,000
Total Capital Budget -Fiscal 2012   $375,030
Note A- if Ford unavailable (chassis discontinued) a GMC will be substituted adding $8,200 to cost.
Note B- this would require $23,980 to be reserved in each of the next four capital budgets (Fiscal 2013 through 2016)
Note C- payments would be made over three years (reserving F.2013 and 2014)
"The team could not have been more professional, resourceful, and personable. We knew we were in kind, capable hands!"