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Vital to GEMS’ effectiveness as an EMS delivery system is its integration with the programs and activities of other Town agencies involved in public health and safety. For 25 years, GEMS has built close working relationships with departments like these:

Greenwich Police Department
GEMS interfaces regularly with the GPD, including cross-training their officers in EMT and AED programs. Our paramedics also work with their Special Response Unit Team and Marine division.

Greenwich Fire
GEMS has trained key personnel in an 80-hour Hazardous Materials course, and provides training for EMR and EMT certifications. GEMS is also active in the Local Emergency Planning Committee, and participates in extrication drills with other area fire departments.

GEMS certifies all school nurses in CPR and AED use, and secured grant money and town funding to provide Automated External Defibrillators to each Greenwich public school and we train response teams at each site in First Aid and CPR. GEMS conducts 3rd grade EMS awareness programs, teaching students what to do until the ambulance arrives; 6th grade CPR progras; 8th grade CPR recertification and first aid courses; 10th and 12th grade CPR recertification, full response to a cardiac arrest and AED training.

GEMS participates in Greenwich High School’s Career Days and Health Fairs, along with MADD and SADD activities.

Department of Health
GEMS helps develop Emergency Response Guidelines for public school personnel and school nurses; conducts EMS familiarization training programs for Home Health Aides; and coordinates with Public Health Nurses to establish emergency response systems for Home Health Care situations.

GEMS participates in the Elderly Home Safety Study Proposal; the Frail Elderly Program; and provides stand-by services for the town-wide flu clinics.

Public Works
GEMS works with the Traffic Division to enhance its response times, and with Engineering and the State Department of Transportation to coordinate with Public Works construction projects on the Merritt Parkway and I-95. GEMS also trains field personnel in CPR.

Planning and Zoning
GEMS reviews selected site plans for new building projects and renovation projects to assure emergency vehicle access and stretcher-size elevators.

Local Nursing Homes
GEMS trains nursing home personnel in CPR and AED, and conducts programs to increase awareness of ALS capabilities to improve coordination between GEMS and nursing homes staffs during emergency calls.
At the request of the State of Connecticut Office of Emergency Medicine, GEMS has agreed to be on stand-by for all presidential visits.

Town Public Buildings
In 2005, GEMS budgeted to provide CPR training and AEDs to all Greenwich public buildings including libraries, beaches, ferries, the skating rink, Town Hall, and the Board of Education. We’re also responsible for AED training and maintenance in the schools, and monitor all personnel certifications.

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