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Highly acclaimed by the National Highway Safety Transportation Association (NHSTA), the Yellow Dot Program is trademarked by People's United Band and has been proven to help save the lives of seniors in automobile emergency situations. The program is designed to alert emergency personnel that in the event of a traffic accident, vital information about the car's elderly driver can be found in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

At a Yellow Dot event, seniors complete a yellow car, which includes, among other pertinent information, medicines taken, any allergies the senior may have, preferred doctors, relatives who should be contacted in an emergency, etc. After the card is completed and a photo of the senior is taken and affixed to the card, a Yellow Dot sticker is secured to the senior drivers' windshield, notifying first responders that in the events of an emergency, where a senior is injured and may not be able to speak for himself/herself, a yellow folder with all pertinent information regarding the driver can be located in the glove compartment of the car. Local police departments often assist People's United Bank in hosting Yellow Dot events.

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