Greenwich Emergency Medical Service, Inc.

An Independent Nonprofit Organization


Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions not answered here, contact us directly!

How do I get a copy of a run report?

Please contact the Billing Department at 203-637-7505.

I have a question about a bill I received for ambulance transport. Who should I contact?

Please contact the Billing Department at 203-637-7505; they will be able to answer your question and/or provide you with the proper documents to fill out and return to the office.

Who do I contact regarding a missing item left in an ambulance?

Please contact the on-duty Operations Manager at 203-637-7505 or contact the Security Department at the receiving hospital.

How do I find out my test results are from a recent training class?

Contact the assigned instructor for the class, or call the Greenwich EMS Training Center at 203-637-7505.

How do I sign up for training classes?

Please see the Training & Education section or call the Training Center at 203-637-7505.

Who do I contact for an EMS Standby and/or to sign a Town of Greenwich Permit?

Please contact the main office at 203-637-7505.