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In addition to answering 911 calls for medical assistance, GEMS will send paramedics and EMTs to sporting events and public gatherings in case emergency care is needed.

People seeking Town permits may contact our Operations Division during office hours, 8:30AM to 4:30PM at 203-637-7505.  We will consult with the event organizer to determine if medical stand-by is necessary. GEMS management staff is also available during these hours at our headquarters to sign off on permit applications for the Town.

Sporting events, corporate meetings, and other public events conducted on private property may not require a Town permit, but consultation with a GEMS professional is always available to consider public safety and the mitigation of risk.

Levels of staffing available:
GEMS offers a range of options for medical staffing. There is a sliding scale for the costs associated with each level.
  1. Paramedic ambulance – full Advanced Life Support capability
  2. Paramedic fly car – one paramedic with a complete set of patient care equipment
  3. EMT ambulance – basic life support capability plus transport if necessary
  4. EMT with basic life support kit and defibrillator [AED]

"They were fantastic! The paramedic even diagnosed me, asked permission from the ER doctor to administer medication, and had me under treatment well before I got to the ER, which was great!"