Greenwich Emergency Medical Service, Inc.

An Independent Nonprofit Organization

Special Operations

GEMS Specialty Divisions

Medical Bike Team

The GEMS Bike Team was founded to augment the first response  program in the Town of Greenwich during special events and attractions  primarily during the warmer months of the year. This specialty Team of  trained providers will be assigned to a special event, respond to a request  for emergency medical services within their assigned area, and be able to  initiate immediate medical care while awaiting a transporting ambulance.

Marine Medic Division

During the Summer months, GEMS and the Greenwich Police  Department Marine Division join forces on weekends and holidays. A  GEMS Paramedic is assigned to a Police Marine Patrol boat, ensuring  Advanced Life Support capabilities to boaters and to the Towns offshore  islands and beaches. In a jointly funded project in 2009, GEMS and GPD  were able to purchase a new water rescue crane for one of their Patrol  boats to be able to provide an even better service to the marine  community.

Special Operations Unit

GEMS has converted a retired ambulance into a fully functional mobile  Special Operations Unit. The Special Operations Unit is equipped with  medical supplies to handle multiple patient events, can provide a unified  field communication structure and is able to supply emergency power  when needed with an on-board generator. This unit is manned by  employees highly trained in the use of this unit for the coordination of  large scale events, mass casualty incidents and capable of providing first  aid and rehabilitation fore fire fighters at the scene of a structure fire or  other strenuous incidents.

In July of 2008, GEMS was able to purchase a Polaris 4X4 Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) to add to the assets of the Special Operations Unit. This vehicle is capable of reaching locations other emergency vehicles are unable to access, particularly in the case of off road rescues, severe inclement weather and active fire scenes.

Honor Guard

Our 14 member GEMS Honor Guard proudly represents our community  at celebrated Town events. These events include Town parades on  Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day. Our Honor Guard is  also called upon to represent the Public Safety Professionals during  memorial services for members and family members as requested.