GEMS' Mission and History

Since its inception in 1986, Greenwich Emergency Medical Service (GEMS) has been on a mission to protect our community against the impacts of trauma and sudden illness by offering top-tier, pre-hospital emergency care. Originally a blend of paid and volunteer staff, we have evolved into a professional organization bolstered by per-diem staff and volunteers dedicated to observing and learning.

The journey began when a comprehensive study highlighted the need for a unified Advanced Life Support system with an eight-minute response time. This led to the establishment of GEMS as a non-profit organization, complete with a fleet of well-equipped vehicles and a team ready 24/7 to serve the community.

Our four strategically placed stations ensure prompt attention to all of Greenwich’s 50 square miles:

  • Station 1 at Greenwich Hospital, serving central Greenwich
  • Station 2 on East Putnam Avenue, covering Riverside and Old Greenwich
  • Station 3 on Lower Cross Road, catering to the eastern backcountry areas
  • Station 4 at 1327 King St, covering the Northwest section

Today, GEMS is a unified, professional ambulance service. Our evolution from a volunteer-based system to a full-time professional agency hasn’t gone unnoticed; we are a model for EMS modernization. Our dedicated team has earned us a reputation for excellence, and we’ve received statewide recognition for our professional standards, rapid response times, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive community outreach.

A significant milestone in our journey was the accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) in 2021. This accolade underscores our commitment to superior performance, clinical quality, and effective risk management. The two-year review process that led to this recognition puts GEMS in the exclusive company of just one other Connecticut service with this prestigious accreditation.

Board of Directors

Greenwich Emergency Medical Service (GEMS) is governed by a Board of Directors that comprises concerned, caring, Greenwich citizens and officials from town boards, the medical community, corporations, Greenwich Hospital and volunteer organizations.

Officers of the Board:

  • Gerard N. Saggese, III, Chair
  • James S. Higgins, Vice Chair
  • Angie Lucas, RN, Secretary
  • Daniel M. FitzPatrick, Treasurer

Ex Officio: 

  • Fred Camillo, First Selectman
  • Diane P. Kelly, President, Greenwich Hospital
  • Caroline C. Baisley, R.S., M.P.H., Director of Health
  • Christopher M. Davison, M.D., Medical Director  

Board Members

  • Benjamin Davenport
  • Alec Dawson
  • Stephan J. Feder
  • Linda G. Grunow
  • Ann R. Hagmann
  • Connie Anne Harris
  • John J. Heagney
  • William S.J. Hood
  • Craig R. Jones
  • Gudmundur Kjaernested
  • Steven T. Limpe
  • Bruce S. Murdock
  • Tara Speiss Restieri
  • Rachel Robison
  • Janet M. Poillon
  • Stapley Russell
  • Sam Romeo
  • Timothy P. Schieffelin
  • Valerie Stauffer
  • Charlie Tricomi
  • Lauren Walsh   
Learn what we've accomplished this fiscal year.

Interested in learning more about how Greenwich Emergency Medical Service (GEMS) makes Greenwich a better place to live? Our annual report (PDF) outlines the funds we’ve raised and how the money is used to aid the community.