What We Do

The GEMS system design has been adopted by the Town of Greenwich to upgrade the level of prehospital emergency medical response from its previous all-volunteer Basic Life Support system. Our current Operational structure is continually monitored for proficiency and any need for areas of improvement to assure the best prehospital care within our service area and meets the unique needs and complex road systems within the Town of Greenwich. 

The ambulance coverage for the Town is divided into four (4) primary response areas. When an ambulance is dispatched to a call from a primary post, the remaining ambulances are relocated to pre-determined locations throughout the Town in an effort to help balance the area the remaining ambulances are responsible for covering. This has proven to provide the best coverage for the Town and contributes to shorter response times to emergency calls.  

Each GEMS on-duty ambulance is staffed at the Advanced Life Support Level with a State licensed Paramedic and an Emergency Medical Technician at all times. All staff is licensed/ credentialed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, maintain all required certifications for their level of care, and have completed rigorous training within the GEMS structure. Staff members must also meet strict qualifications for medical control authorization through the Greenwich Hospital Medical Director to assure the highest quality of patient care is being provided to the patients we care for.