Medical Standby
Emergency medical staffing for sporting events, gatherings and more.

GEMS is committed to public safety, going beyond our traditional role of answering 911 calls for medical assistance. We extend our services to various public events, including but not limited to, sporting activities, corporate meetings, concerts, and community gatherings. Our goal is to ensure that professional emergency medical care is readily available in case of any unexpected health crises.

Our team of trained paramedics and EMTs can be stationed at these events, equipped to respond immediately and effectively to any medical emergencies that may arise. Whether it’s a minor injury during a sporting match or a more critical health situation, GEMS’s on-site presence allows us to provide prompt, high-quality pre-hospital care. This helps to reduce the risks associated with sudden illness or trauma and ensures the overall safety of all event attendees.


To arrange for EMS standby services, please reach out to our management staff between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM at 203-637-7505. They are also available at our headquarters during these hours to facilitate permit applications for the Town.

We will work closely with event organizers to assess the necessity of medical standby. Not all public gatherings on private property, such as corporate meetings or sporting events, require a Town permit. Nevertheless, a consultation with a GEMS professional can provide valuable insights into public safety measures and risk mitigation strategies. Remember, the safety of your event attendees is always our top priority.