Greenwich Emergency Medical Service

Greenwich Emergency Medical Service (GEMS), a not-for-profit organization, is the sole provider of emergency services to the Town of Greenwich. Our mission is to provide high-quality pre-hospital medical care to every Greenwich resident. GEMS has consistently averaged a response time less than five minutes — considerably shorter than the national average. In fact, GEMS cardiac arrest save rate is twice as high as the best in the nation.

All of GEMS’ life-saving services are possible only through the support of our community.

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GEMS offers courses for healthcare professionals, businesses & individuals.

Request a Free file of life

The ‘File of Life’ helps GEMS quickly obtain medical and contact information in you or a loved one experience an emergency. It’s a free kit that consists of a refrigerator magnet with an attached red plastic pocket holding a card on which residents can record vital information about medical conditions, medications, and emergency contact names and phone numbers.


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